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When Is The Right Time To Do A Thing?

Somewhere, I read best time to do a thing was 20 years ago and better is now. I cannot say about 20 years ago thing but its for sure that 'present' can be the best time to do a thing.

I have observed that whatever we delay for next time, gets delayed forever. 93% of the time, we procrastinate because of laziness. When future is uncertain then how can you be certain that best time of doing a things will be some other time.

And by putting this, I never mean that you should do each and every thing today itself. 80% of the time, you should focus on important tasks - they can be anything related to work, family, health, religion. Even among important tasks, you should set priority for each one of them.

What motivates to write this is the fact that I was busy most of the time and nothing fruitful was coming out. Then, I retrospected where my time goes and found that I was devoting too much time on mundane tasks and tasks not directly related to my goals. These tasks were depleting me not only of time but also of energy to do important tasks.

Since then, I decided to write activities/tasks that will lead to my goals and started focusing on them. The results were instantaneous.

Remember, its wise to learn from mistakes of others than to wait to commit them yourself and learn.

So, if you really gained/learnt something from my mistake then my mistake is no more a mistake ....