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Initiative is doing the right thing without being told - Victor Hugo

Power of Introspection

Introspection is a very powerful technique for self improvement, personality development and improving relationships.
Introspection is a very old technique and even finds mention in Rigveda.

Technique for Introspection
When you lie down for sleep, start replaying your past day - the time you woke up and till you lie down for sleep. As you recall and replay your day, you will find some activities were routine ones, some were new learnings and some situations that you regret now and wish it could have been avoided, had you behaved rationally.

Benefits of Introspection

The actual power of introspection lies in your concious understanding of adverse situations that had happened, how you could have avoided it and even more conscious decision of not to repeat your behaviour leading to that situation.

Let us understand this through a day-to-day example. We often quarrel with our spouses over trivial issues, leading to frustrated start of the day and spoiling our mood through the and thinking that I shouldn't have said that which hurt my spouse. So, once you understand your irrational behaviour through introspection, the real benefit will come when you decide and also act on decision of not repeating that behaviour in future.

Another benefit of Introspection is that it increases your capability to recall.

Your memory is also enhanced as subconscious mind instructs your brain to organise each event in memory so that it can be recalled later in night while introspecting.

To make introspection more beneficial, take slow and deep breaths while introspecting. This will soothe and calm your mind for sound deep sleep. Simply, power of introspection is multiplied by breathing exercise which we often don't do.

Hope you have understood the power of introspection and practice it daily.

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Happy Introspecting....

4 Things That Never Return - Jim Rohn

“Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you. And remember the four things that never return: the spoken word, the speeding arrow, the wasted life, and the neglected opportunity.
—Jim Rohn”

Excerpt From: David Osborn. “Wealth Can't Wait.” iBooks.